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JANUS-related activities
Post here meetings, presentations, sea trials or any other event of relevance for the JANUS community
4 Mon 19 of Feb., 2018 05:03 CST
Announcing the 2018 JANUS Interoperability Fest by alves
JANUS frequency bands
This forum is intended to be the place to discuss the bands we would like to set up for JANUS, starting with the primary band centered at 11,520 Hz with bw 4160 Hz. Further bands, offering greater range, higher bps or reduced interferen...
5 Tue 13 of May, 2014 05:30 CDT
Additional JANUS bands to be recommended by NIAG by john.potter
Media Access Control (MAC) for JANUS
Proposals, comments, discussions on the MAC for JANUS
2 Tue 18 of Dec., 2012 06:07 CST
JANUS ver 1.1 MAC proposal by john.potter
Bugs, features, coding issues
This is where we discuss any bugs, features (undocumented, desired, useful, etc.,) and coding issues related to the JANUS standard and example implementations
8 Thu 20 of Apr., 2017 10:15 CDT
Current differences between the reference code and the final STANAG 4748 technical specification by alves
JANUS session at UAM + breakout workshop
Topics and paper ideas for the JANUS structured session + breakout workshop at UAM in KOS, Greece 20-24 June 2011
3 Mon 02 of May, 2011 09:14 CDT
UAM 2011 JANUS session by john.potter
8-bit CRC routine and polynomial choices
The current (v0.3) CRC routine is incorrect, truncating a 16-bit CRC to 8 bits. We need to substitute it with an 8-bit CRC routine, which means we need to choose a polynomial.
4 Tue 18 of Dec., 2012 06:09 CST
p(x) = x^8 + x^2 + x^1 + x^0, init=0 by john.potter
Janus general discussion forum
The place for general JANUS topics
44 Fri 21 of July, 2017 10:08 CDT