JANUS-related activities

JANUS-related activities

JANUS community meeting ?

Hello all,

we should seriously consider setting up a JANUS community meeting / workshop to discuss how we have been using JANUS, share experiences and define the future of our standard. Any thoughts on where/when could/should such a meeting happen ?

I agree, and I think it is time we did a workshop on applications and implementation with some hands-on demonstrations and coding introduction for folk looking to implement JANUS into their systems, wanting to model how it works, etc.

We should also have a session on advanced decoding techniques for platforms with lots of cpu and memory that have the potential to significantly out-perform the basic reference decoder. Not to develop polished algorithms, but to give some examples (e.g. Doppler estimation, tracking, channel estimation, etc.) that could be usefully applied.

Can we submit a follow-on NIAG proposal?