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Publication of an updated version (v0.2) of the JANUS Underwater AIS message specification proposal

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Dear JANUS Community,
the current post serves the purpose of announcing the publication of an updated version for the specification proposal of the JANUS Underwater AIS message and eventually trigger fruitful interactions.
The first version of this proposal was published in "R. Petroccia, J. Alves and G. Zappa, JANUS-Based Services for Operationally Relevant Underwater Applications in IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, vol. 42, no. 4, pp. 994-1006, Oct. 2017".

Changes highlights:
  • More efficient binary encoding of Lat./Long., Depth, Speed, CoG/True Heading data fields.
  • Usage of both Application Data Block and CARGO for message data.
  • CoG/True Heading data field content decided by the Status field value.
We plan to release a sample implementation (a plug-in of the JANUS-C), but in the meanwhile, we welcome all your feedback.
Please review the proposed specification and let us know about any comments, suggestion, corrections.

Thinking of this year's JANUS agenda, having part of the JANUS Community testing the transmission and reception of the Underwater AIS message (and other services) during the upcoming JANUS Interoperability Fest 2019 (planned for no sooner than Fall, TBC), seems like a reasonable idea!

Best regards

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Is it possible to see the bit allocation map for your application approach?

How many application numbers you are using for the UW-AIS User Class 4?

Is it possible to block in UW-AIS User Class 4 the two application numbers 31 and 32 for our own AIS approach?

Is it possible to use for FirstContact the User Class 003 AND for our approach in Kiel the Application numbers 32,33,34,35?