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Latest Tool-kit

In the "File Galleries" under "Code repository" -> "Most Recent Toolkit" are available the most recent JANUS reference "C" and Matlab implementations:

Matlab: link)


"C": link)

For the Matlab version the most significant changes since the recent version 3.0.4 are:

  • Corrected the behaviour of the option 'app_data_field'.
  • Added feature of multi-channel streams.
  • Corrected padding time after the signal.
  • Correction of a bug: closing parameter set file (thanks to Jianchun Huang).

For the "C" code:
  • Corrected all the known issues regarding the incompatibility with the promulgated Standard (e.g.: frequency offset, 32 chip preamble, interleaver prime number).
  • Code updated respecting the Standard naming conventions.
  • Plug-in handling cargo.

The original document is available at