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Re: Germany still has concerns about the primary JANUS band

Thanks for this John,

solving this issues is a priority !

already gave my input !


> JANUS colleagues!
> I have received an email from Germany indicating that despite our agreement with them at the JANUS workshop last year, there remain serious concerns about the JANUS band overlapping the existing analogue UW telephone band. They fear that JANUS might interfere with submarine communications, particularly worrying in the case of emergencies.
> I am planning to meet with a DEU representative next week to discuss possible ways forward. Before I do so, I'd like to get some feedback from the JANUS community about this issue. To make it easy, I've put up a simple multiple choice questionnaire (only 9 questions) on surveymonkey that you can complete in less than 5 minutes. Please do so! The survey is at:
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GRL8B7W(external link)
> Click here to take survey
> Many thanks,
> John.

JANUS community!

I'm just back from Brussels and am delighted to report that we had very positive and productive discussions about JANUS and the Underwater Telephone (UWT). The upshot is that we believe the JANUS MAC (CSMA-GA + Exponential Backoff) plus the 'reserve' mechanism by which a JANUS packet can request up to 10 minutes of silence, will significantly reduce the interference risk in the event of safety operations using UWT.

The CMRE intends to conduct, in collaboration with interested JANUS community partners, JANUS MAC experiments and UWT tests to see how this all works in practice. We would ideally then like to move forward to engage ISMERLO (the submarine rescue organisation) to see if we can integrate JANUS into their testing.

In the event that a serious practical interference problem was identified, we would change the standard to resolve it if necessary.

That's it for now, so.... onwards and outwards!


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