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Re: Germany still has concerns about the primary JANUS band


I don't fully understand a couple of things and in order to maintain clarity, I recommend we remain factual.

Here are my comments:

One is:
"The current MAC is not Working". What exactly is meant ? I saw it working several times.

"The acoustical frequency band from 1 to 12 kHz is exclusively occupied for mil. hydro acoustical applications. Civilian underwater applications (see ISO/IEC 30140, 30143) have to use other bands."
Is by no means factual. We should perhaps be careful with this.

The note on 13440 vs. 13600 is well taken and will be addressed.

I'm sure the immediate future is to add frequencies to the JANUS standard. The user classes definition should remain de-coupled from the frequencies in my opinion.

Although hydrophones are broadband, it's common for modem manufacturers to employ transducers that work as projectors and receivers and are not fit for use outside of the band they were designed for.

Cheers and thanks for the discussions


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