Forum: JANUS session at UAM + breakout workshop

Papers and ideas for contributions to UAM 2011 JANUS session

We have several proposed papers for the JANUS session at UAM.

So far:
1) Henry Dol, Zijian Tang & Bjorn Kerstens (TNO) in Holland have submitted an Abstract on experimental results with low-frequency (1-2 kHz) JANUS transmissions
2) Ivor Nissen and his team (WTD71/FWG) may share results on some JANUS transmissions made in the Baltic Sea from moving sources and receivers that require Doppler estimation for decoding, something NURC have been working on jointly with FWG.
3) Paul vanWaltree and colleagues (FFI) have agreed to present results from some fixed bottom-mounted transmissions in a Norwegian Fjord with a highly variable acoustic channel, sometimes overspread.
4) Joao Alves and Giovanni Zappa (NURC) will present a paper on low-bitrate tactical paging using a Software-Defined Modem implementation of JANUS on AUVs with towed sources and receiver arrays.
5) John Potter (NURC), Typhaine Laridon and Madai Moutoussamy (French Naval Academy) will present experimental results of transmitting excerpted AIS data using the JANUS protocol at a centre frequency of 11520 Hz
6) Ivor Nissen (WTD71/FWG) and NURC will describe proposals for a version 2.0 JANUS that allows each country to specify its own core payload within the 64-bit JANUS packet.

We'd love to see more contributions and ideas for papers and collaborative work, so this topic opens up some space to play with these ideas.


Unfortunately, Henry had some hardware problems, John got committed to an event elsewhere and so did Ivor Nissen, which leaves us rather thin on the ground! Joao Alves will be there to hold the fort, but we will now probably absorb the JANUS structured session into others, rather than keep it as a stand-alone.

Thanks to all who have contributed their work, we're learning a lot about where to take JANUS next!


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