Proposed new Class User ID and App Type

Proposed new Class User ID & Application Type

In this page are collected proposed new plug-in.

Class User ID/Application Type Short Description Proposed by
0: Emergency
0/1 DISSUB Position CMRE
0/3 DISSUB Position + Status CMRE
0/4 DISSUB static data ELAC
0/5 DISSUB dynamic data ELAC
0: Underwater AIS
2/8 Underwater AIS CMRE
11: Communications
11/1 Chat ELAC
12: First contact
12/50 (Hello, I am the new one) WTD71
12/51 (I am the translator) WTD71
12/52 (I am not compatible, searching gateway) WTD71
12/53 (Hello, I am not compatible, lets talk!) WTD71
12/54 (Hello, lets starts encrypted) WTD71
16: NATO JANUS reference Implementation
16/0 Generic payload data CMRE
16/1 Generic payload data with CRC CMRE
17: Venilia for encrypted information
17/0 Codebook messaging with encrypted application data block of JANUS baseline packet DSTL