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Janus general discussion forum

Proposed new Class ID: Secure Pre-Canned Message

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JANUS colleagues,

A Proposal for a new class ID for high assurance secure pre-canned message:

Class ID : 17
Application Type: TBD
Rpt : N/A
Bits (23-56) : 'ENCRYPTED FIELD' - Described Below
CRC: Overall Packet CRC

ENCRYPTED FIELD = 33 bit permutated field, interleaved definer by user or nation defined Pseudo-Random Number and used as a 'network key'.

Bits 1-8; (24-31) - 8 BIT ID - MESSAGE
Bits 9-15; (32-38) - 7 Bit Destination ID (Logical Network Address)
Bits 16-22; (39-45) - 7 Bit Source ID (Logical Network Address)
Bits 23-33; (46-56) - 11 bit Class Specific CRC

The codebook is a user defined 256 bit entry message codebook, with a transmitted index identifying which message is being sent.

Any thoughts appreciated; we'll be building on this in the coming weeks.