Bugs, features, coding issues

Bugs, features, coding issues

wiki bugs/undocumented features

We've had a couple of reports of folk not being able to download, or getting an error message when trying to submit or edit their posts.

It is our intention that all registered users (subject to manual vetting on a case by case basis) should be able to download any of the material we have on the site. Forum contributors should also be able to start new topics, though not edit or remove posts that have already been made.

If you have or have had any problem with the site, please don't hesitate to email the wiki webmaster at webmaster at januswiki.org and we'll try to fix it.

Sorry to all who have tried to access the JANUS wiki over the last couple of days and found the site was down. We have now restored it from a backup, and are looking into what may have caused the drop-out.

Sincere apologies,
John and the JANUS wiki team.