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Janus ver 1.0 is out!

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The Communications and Networking in the Maritime Environment team at the NATO Undersea Research Centre is delighted to announce the release of example implementations of Janus Ver 1.0, available on this site as a zip of Matlab encoding routines.

This is the standard that has was submitted to the NATO Maritime Capabilities Group 2 in October and that has now been approved by MCG/2 to be forwarded to the next step of creating a NATO standard.

Note that the standard covers only the encoding of a Janus packet, not the decoding. We anticipate releasing Matlab detection and decoding example implementations shortly, followed by C routines. There are also Doppler estimation implementations in the pipeline. None of these are intended to be 'optimal', simply uncomplicated examples that the community can use as examples to get familiar with the standard and to spur further ideas.

As always, comments and contributions are welcome.

A very joyful Winter Soltice to all!