Bugs, features, coding issues

Bugs, features, coding issues

Current differences between the reference code and the final STANAG 4748 technical specification

Hello all,

I'm dropping you this note concerning the currently (April 2017) available example reference implementation code and how it differs form the approved STANAG technical document.

As you may know the technical specification underwent some changes before approval and not all of those were reflected in the example reference code provided.

Instead of taking the code out until we update it, we prefer to leave it here, adding this companion note.

So to make everything clear for everyone here is, to our best knowledge, the current situation:

- The Matlab code still implements a legacy version of the 32 chip preamble sequence (0x6BC4D788)

- The C code on the other hand implements the correct and latest sequence (0xAEC7CD20)

- The currently available code (both C and Matlab) implements a frequency-shifted version of the technical document (by 160 Hz)

-There is no implementation of the MAC in the example reference code provided here.

We are working to provide an updated and compliant version of the code. In the meantime, if you find further discrepancies please share in this forum !